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Около Freakyvape Holy Cow E-liquid

The Holy Cow is one series of Freakyvape, which is a Polish Brand e-liquid. The Holy Cow e-liquid is made in Poland and it is a shake and vape liquids without nicotine. Available in flavors of MOLLY(milky strawberry banana shake), DOLLY(milky sherry, strawberry shake), DAISY(milk lemon lime shake), DOROTHY(milky shake with mango), TOLLY(milk raspberry shake with pitaya), DONNA(milk raspberry vanilla shake), DOLORES(milky shake kiwi, strawberry, lemon), MARGARET(milk shake forest fruits, black currant), EMMA(milk shake black currant chokeberry), BELLY(milky peach apricot shake) and LOLLY(milky banana, kiwi shake).

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