Ehpro Morph Single Cartomizer

Product Introduction

Ehpro Morph Single Cartomizer, is the newest innovative rebuildable tank from Ehpro. With high quality and reasonable price, you can have fun in rebuilding.


Size (diameter *height): 23 x 69 mm

Material: stainless steel, pyrex glass

Color: silver

It comes with

  • 1 x complete Ehpro Morph Single Cartomizer
  • 1 x screwdriver
  • 1 x O-rings and screws
  • 1 x cotton

Simple packing. Customary packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.


Rebuildable Tank

How to Install: align the base with airflow control (AFC) ring. Make sure the notch on the inner side the AFC ring is aligned with the screw on the base of the RTA;

Ehpro Morph Single Cartomizer

Screw the bottom RBA adaptor int othe base, then screw the RBA section into the bottom RBA adaptor. Turn clockwise to tighten;

Ehpro Morph Single Cartomizer

Screw the Chimney adaptor into the top cap clockwise and make sure it is securely in place;

Install the quartz glass tank onto the glass tank base and screw the top cap with the chimney adaptor tightly into the glass base to secure the quartz glass tank in place;

Install the base assembly into the glass tank assembly by threading clockwise and then install the drip tip.

Ehpro Morph Single Cartomizer

How to use RBA Coil: you can rebuild your coils on the deck of the RBA section. Make sure NOT to block the intake air hole cotton. This will prevent the tank from functioning properly. Screw the sealed tube to the RBA section (clockwise to tighten).

Ehpro Morph Single Cartomizer

How to fill the oil: twist off the atomizer base assembly clockwise. Make  sure that the glass tank assembly is tilted at an angle while filling with e-liquid.

Warning: do not overfill. The e-liquid should not go past the center chimney;

Ehpro Morph Single Cartomizer

Install the base into the glass tank assembly clockwise. Make sure they are tightly connected;

Ehpro Morph Single Cartomizer

It comes with spring-loaded 510 thread, compatible with most 510 thread batteries.

Ehpro Morph Single Cartomizer