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Premium Tobacco E-liquid E-juice DIY Kit PG+VG 6x10ml
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Premium Tobacco E-liquid E-juice DIY Kit PG+VG 6x10ml

EU Only + Ship from Czech

Please buy the Premium Tobacco liquid separately, which will be shipped from Czech to EU countries. 10 Flavors available. 1x 10ml concentrates, 5x 10ml nicotine base, 1x mixing bottle.

USD 19.90
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Оптовая цена:
  • CHB
  • DD Tobacco
  • Deluxe Tobacco
  • Desert Ship
  • Счастливый цвет
  • Mall Blend
  • MaXXky Green
  • MaXXky Red
  • RY4 Cigar
  • табак
  • 12mg / мл
  • 18mg / мл
  • 3 мг / мл
  • 6mg / мл

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1. Premium Tobacco products only can be shipped from Czech to EU countries.
2. Please order it separately. 
3. Shipping method:
Czech Post: It usually takes about 7 business days. (Weight less than 1kg. No weight limit for customers from Czech)
Geis Parcel: It usually takes 4-7 business days.
4. Promotion: FREE SHIPPING of first order.

Product Introduction

Very popular Premium Tobacco flavors comes in new DIY series. DIY kit contains everything you will need to get your e-liquid: 10ml Premium Tobacco concentrate, 5x 10ml nicotine base and 1x 60ml mixing bottle. Just pour concentrate and bases to mixing bottle, shake and vape.

Premium Tobacco series comes with 10 unique tobacco flavors with refined and very true taste. Some of these tobaccos are very similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes, but it also has something special like RY4 Cigar, which is a mix of cigar tobacco, caramel and vanilla.

The recommended dosage of flavor is 10 - 15%, which means that it is enough to measure 5 - 8ml of flavor in the bottle and drop it in a base. Mix everything thoroughly, let it settle for 2 to 5 days and fill it up.


Capacity: 6x 10ml (60ml total)
Strength: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
Flavors: CHB, DD Tobacco, Deluxe Tobacco, Desert Ship, Lucky Color, Mall Blend, MaXXky Green, MaXXky Red, RY4 Cigar, Tobacco
Quantity: 1x 10ml concentrates, 5x 10ml nicotine base, 1x mixing bottle

CHB: CHB will bring joy to all Cuban cigar fans. It offers the full taste of strong and distinctive tobacco with many flavors and aromas. This is the most delicious cigar flavor you can indulge in. We recommend it especially with glass of good cognac.

DD Tobacco: DD Tobacco is a more distinctive cigarette tobacco with a specific, slightly flowery scent. This flavor is best choice especially for users who love luxury cigarette brands. In particular, the ladies will appreciate just a slightly sweet taste.

Deluxe Tobacco: If you like to enjoy good quality tobacco, you should catch this flavor called Deluxe Tobacco. It offers a mixture of selected tobaccos that form a specific flavor together, which is very similar to a better tobacco blend.

Desert Ship: Desert Ship is the name of the flavor that can boast the most faithful taste of cigarette tobacco. The best tobacco is the American one and Desert Ship truly is the American tobacco. It will offer a true and light taste that you won't get tired with even after a long time.

Lucky Color: Lucky Color is another great tobacco picked from many cigarette brands. This time it is a true taste of Virginia, Burley and Oriental blend tobacco. It is very similar to the popular British cigarettes that are requested all over the world. We recommend it for whole day use.

Mall Blend: Mall Blend is not just any tobacco. This is a balanced mix of top quality tobacco with strong black coffee that gives it the right cut. This combination is especially favored by those who like to enjoy something unusual.

MaXXky Green: In the blend of MaXXky Green you will find quality tobacco flavor as in the Red version. Here, in addition, the flavor of tobacco is supplemented by the refreshing taste of menthol, which creates a very unique combination of flavors. Ideal choice for menthol cigarette enthusiasts.

MaXXky Red: MaXXky Red is undoubtedly one of the most popular cigarette flavors of all time. It offers a totally neutral taste of pure American tobacco that you can vape all-day. An unobtrusive taste that you get used to very quickly!

RY4 Cigar: RY4 Cigar offers a unique combination of cigar tobacco with light notes of caramel and vanilla. But do not be fooled by this combination - Tobacco remains the main ingredient, and sweet elements appear only in the form of gentle touches.

Tobacco: Tobacco offers a mix of the best tobacco you can imagine. Together it creates a combination with a very light and yet intimate flavor, which you will appreciate especially during all-day vaping. If you do not like experimenting, Tobacco is the best choice for you.

It comes with

  • 1x Premium Tobacco concentrate 10ml
  • 5x Nicotine Base PG50/VG50
  • 1x 60ml empty mixing bottle

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

  • Please order it separately. You can order it with other flavors of Premium Tobacco E-juice together. 
  • It ships from Czech and ships to EU countries only. 
  • Every item is with TPD package in Czech language warning.
  • To submit any order means you are completely clear about any possible customs, tax and shipping issues.

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